Western and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridors

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dedicated freight corridor these are railway corridors that are under construction in our country by indian railway they are being conducted to enable smooth transport of cargo.

there are two corridors:

  1. western dedicated freight corridors.
  2. eastern dedicated freight corridors.


cover all most 1504 km from jawaharlal nehru port in maharastra to dadri in UP. So between maharashtra and utter pradesh it passes through gujrat, rajasthan, haryana, utterpradesh. town in between routes are important.

these corriodors will help container transport requirement between the ports in maharashtra and gujrat and the northan hinterland.


it covers distance of 1856 km. it covers more distance than western dedicated corridor.’

it starts from ludhiyana in panjab to dankuni in west bengal. and it passes through six states. panjab haryana up bihar jharkhand west bengal.

it consist of two segment:

  1. double track segment from dankuni west bengal to kurja utter pradesh.
  2. single track from kurja to ludhiyana panjab.

the western and eastern corridors both passes and meet at Dadri in utter pradesh. and these both corridor passes through hariyana and utter pradesh.

Both corridors are being implemented by a special purpose vehical SPV. (october 2006).

these SPV is called as dedicated corridor corporation of india limited, it is a wholly owned public sector undertaking of ministry of railways. recently government of india reported that two corridors are targeted to be completed in phases by December 2021.

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