Vanilla Island

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Operation vallina in january 2020 with respect to tropical cyclone diane over madagaskar.

in the same operation heavy ship eyrawat was used.

because of it’s location surrounding madagaskar they are exposed to periodic cyclones and drought, it said that madagskar get hit by 3 to 4 cyclon every year between november to april.

operation vanilla is said to be meeting with india’s vision of “sagar” in indian ocean region.

Security And Growth for All in the Region. SAGAR , as annocounced by indian prime Minster in visit to mauretious.

6 island collectively called as vanilla islands.

these islands together launched a brand name for them or a marketing brand for them. because of a natural product, a natural flavoring substance grown in the region called vanilla.

4 islands along with two region of france (reunion and mayotte island, these two are french oversea territories), they are in south west of india.

strategic location because sea lines of communication to africa.

out of six islands four islands saychelles, mauritious, madagaskar and comoros are the member of african union,indian ocean comission, indian ocean rim association, International solar alliance.

Indian ocean commission is the only African regional organization, that is composed entirely of islands. Comoros, french two islands(Reunion, Mayotte), Madagascar Mauritius, Seychelles.

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