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Recently NASA TESS discovered TOI 700d an exoplanet in the habitable zone of its stars.

IN January 2020, nasa anoccuced discovery that, its TESS mission had made.

Discovery about star system called as TOI 700d. the discovered planet is a small cool planet with has size almost equal to earth but a little bit bigger, about 20% more bigger.

This planet is located at 100 light year away and found in constellation Dorado.

Constellation is group of stars that form a particular shape in the sky.

Tadalory lock: It means that an orbiting astronomic body always has the same face towards the object it is orbiting.

these satalite against TOI 700 always have same face towards it.

TOI 700d is important because it is the only planet in the stars system that is available in the habitable zone of TOI 700. Since it is 20% larger than earth, it is also generalized as earth size planet it receive 80% of energy that sun provide to earth. It is the out most planet in the system.

Habitable zone is the area around the star and this area is not too hot not too cold. there might be condition to allow the presence of liquid water on the surface on the planet.

Habitable zone is also called as Goldilocks zone.

TESS stands for

Transitory exoplanet:

mission uses transit photometry in the study of exoplanets.

it is designed to find earth sized planet which orbiting around nearby stars, launched in spacex rocket in the year 2018.

It can identify planet of all sizes, also called as NASA’s planet hunter.

this mission finds exoplanet when they periodically block face of light from there host stars. theses are called as transits,these event gives understanding that these is a star and other planet are revolving around the star.

when periodically repetation if such event are observed by scientists and they can say more information on this planet and the stars after studying it for significant amount of time.

this method about studying exoplanet is called transit photometry.

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