State Energy Efficiency Preparedness Index UPSC

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released in January 2020.

This index tracks the progress of the energy efficiency intiative in states and union territory based on more than 90 significant indicators.

it helps to track progress in managing the energy footprint at the level of state and union territory or national level.

based on score obtained and aggregated total primary energy supply which is required to meet states actual energy demand.

states have been grouped into a categories.

  1. front runner
  2. achiever
  3. contestant
  4. 4.asparents

top performing states for 2019 are hariyana, kerala, karnataka.

but all these states are in achievers category not in front runners category

asparents are manipur jharkhand rajasthan

none of state acquired into front runner category. it means that we have to do lot at the level of states to realise energy savings from energy efficiency.

implementation agency beuro of energy efficiency.


was setup by 2002 under the section 3 of energy conservation act of 2001.

it helps in developing policy and strategies with the primary objective of reducing energy intensity of Indian economy.

Alliance of energy efficiency economy.

launched on 2008. It is a industrialist membership based non for profit organization

it drives energy efficiency markets and policy in our country.

the objective is to make energy efficiency in india and to transform india into global leaders on the field of energy efficiency.

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