Painless 5 minute Guide on Starlink Mission or Space Internet

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What is Starlink Mission ?

Starlink Mission is A satellite constellation development mission under SpaceX. It aims to provide high speed internet access across the globe using a network of satellite around the earth.


SpaceX is founded by Elon Musk, it designs, manufactures and launches the spacecraft. company is using its technology to deploy the broadband system.

It is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company in the united states of America.

Mission Aim

This mission aims to deploy worlds most advanced low latency, broadband internet system.


To provide fast, reliable internet to location where internet connectivity services is expensive, unreliable or completely unavailable.


They are going to achieve this by:

lunching batches of satellite constellation in space.
In a single launch, a set of sixty satellites will we raised to an altitude of two hundred ninety kilometres, and from there the satellite will be raised to an altitude of five hundred fifty kilometres using onboard thrusts.
During this phase, the satellite will be closely clustered which will give the cluster look of satellite constellation in space.


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  • SpaceX launched first part of starlink Mission series. In first set sixty satellite were successfully launched.
  • In 2020, the company plans to target its service in northern united states of america and Canada.
  • Recently a 3rd launch of this mission was done in January 2020. and 7th launch was done on April 2020.


For more information about International space mission click here.

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