Spitzer Space Telescope

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It was nasa one of for observations, designed to detect infrared radiation after more than 16 years studying in the universe in infrared light, it’s mission had came to an end.

the telescope help to conform detection of stars system by transiting exoplanet server satellite of nasa. tess

in last week of January 2020 NASA announced that the mission of splizter space telescope has come to an end.

it was space born observatory.

the goal is to provide infrared view of the universe and also to give information about regions of space that are hidden from optical telescope.

this telescope was launched in August 2003 and it is one of four great observatory.

infact it is the final mission in this 4 observatory program. other 3 obervatory are 1. hubble visible light telescope

2. chandra x ray observatory

3. commpleu german ray observatory.

this program demonstrated the use of different wavelength of light to create a better picture of universe.

terrestrial planet: these are earth like planets that are made up of rocks or metals with a hand surface.

In our solar system four closest plannet to sun mercury Venus earth abd mars they are terrestrial planet.

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