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A program launched by NASA. terrestrial hydrology program to address important gappa in snow remote sending knowledge.

it aims to understand how much water contained in earth winter snowfall and how much water will be available if snow melts.

this project is important because snow contain 40% to 90% air.

and it is important, melting of snow brings water to crop and melted snow give water to people in downstream., and it fuels dams and reservoir to generate electricity.

it reflects upto 80% of Sun’s energy just because if being white in color.

if snow melts faster by increase in temperature then less snow cover will be available and it will increase temperature on ratri and result into sea level rise.

it is a five year program.

Snowlepard :

launched in January 2009 to conserve the snowlepard species.

this project is implemented in geographical range of this species.

A program to conserve snowlepard population in the high altitude Himalayas.

secure himalays program:

it is a program of government of india and united nations development program.

it was launched on January 2017 and it is going to end in December 2023.

this program aims to irradicate poverty in all forms and dimensions amoung the local communities living in the high altitude regions.

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