Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries

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launched by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

it organises the traditional industries and artisian in a cluster to make them compatetive and provide support for there long term sustainability and sustained employment.

traditional industry an activity that leads to production of marketable products by using locally avaliable raw materials, skills and indigenus technology.

traditional industry cluster it refers to geographical concentration or significant number of artisian or micro enterprises, suppliers of raw materials, traders, respositionary fiundation with expetise to undertake cluster development.

during budget of financial year 2019-20, the finance minister said that most common facility center will be set up under the scheme. to generate sustained employment opportunity for artisians.

under land interventions a commaon facility centers CFC can be set up.

these scheme will focus on three sectors:

  1. bamboo cluster
  2. honey cluster
  3. kadhi cluster.

last financial year there was a target to setup 100 new clusters. so as to ensure joining of 50,000 more artisian into this economic value chain and to facilitate development under the scheme.

members in thus traditional industry clusters, they produce and process similar type of products and the face common opportunity and common threat.

traditional industries are classified into khadi industry, coy based industry and village based industry.

there is provision with respect to grofraphical distribution throughout country . under the scheme which is at least 10% of the clusters, they shall be located in northeastern states, j& k, and hill states.

under the scheme there are three types of clusters heritage clusters 1001 to 2500, major cluster 501-1000, mini cluster up to 500 .

also aims to enhance markatibility of products provided by such clusters.

by providing sopport for new product, supporting and design interventions and also in improved packageing.

this schme also top economic a sa major markating channel of of the product.

improve capability and skill of artisian through training and exposure visits.

it also strengthen cluster governance system with the active participant of the stakeholder such as artisians, micro enterprise, supplier etc.

cluster help artisians to handle the emerging challenges and the emerging opportunity and respond to them.

under this scheme financial assistance is given to implementing agencies to undertake 3 type of interventions.

soft interventions, hard interventions, and thematic interventions.

financial assitance for any project shall be subject ti a maximum of 8 cores for herritage cluster, 3 for majoe cluster, 50 lakh for mini cluster.

below is a list who can be implementing egency:

ngo, center or state instituion, semi goverment insttution, panchayati raj institution, private sector corporates.

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