Raisina Dialogue

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started in 2016. in January 2020 it’s fifth edition took place, it is a india’s flagship global conference engaging with geopolitical and also geo economics.

this dialogue is committed to address most challenging issue faces by global community.


it is a multistake holder, cross sectoral discussion platfrom. it includes participation and involvement of not only state representatives but also participation of global leaders in policy, business, media and also from civil society.

the event usually held in new Delhi, annually by ministry of external affairs with collaboration with observer research foundation.

the fifth edition conducted these year had a theme named @21 navigating the alpha century.

4 edition theme: a world record new geometric fluid partnership and certain countdown.

1 theme: asia, regional and global connectivity.

raisina dislodge is a 1.5 track diplomacy, it includes state and civil society and non governmental entity.

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