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pmrpy means encouraging employment.

So this scheme is designed to incentiwise employment from the generation of new employment.

under these scheme government of india pay two 2 important contributions 1. EPS and 2. EPF for three year.

Implemented by Ministry of Lebour and employment since august 2016.

because government is contributing the finance for the new employees there employer is incentivise to create new employment opportunities.

why access to social security ?

this is because all establishment that are registered with employers providers fund organisation they will be eligible to avail these benefits from the government.

Actually earlier in the same scheme government of india was paying only EPS contribution of employee but this was ammended from effect from april 2018.

Now both contribution are given by government

LIN – that server as prime references number for all communication to be maid under the scheme.

the entire system is online and aadhar based and with no human interference, in the implementation of the scheme.

this scheme is for new employee who are earning wedges less than or equal to 15,000 per month.

even if the new employee changes a job to another new establishment then that establishment can avail the scheme benefits of the remaining balance period under three year.

Atal Bimit vyakti kallyan yojana ABKY

under Ministry of Labour and Employment.

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