National Investigation Agency (NIA)

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National Investigation Agency is statutory body established under national investigation agency act 2008.

scheduled offences: these are offences that are categories as offences under those laws that are mentioned in schedule of NIA act 2008.

It functions as central counter terrorist agency. It aims to create deterrence among existing terrorist groups and individuals and also.

The superintendence of this agency is vested in central government. The act empowers both center and state to designate special courts to try the scheduled offences.

Recently an amendment to the national investigation agency 2008 act was passed by parliament and now this act makes both center and state can designate court of the session as a special court to try the scheduled offenses.

Amendment enhances the jurisdiction of agency to investigate scheduled offences beyond India, that is in foreign countries also.

the agency can investigate case against Indian citizen or against Indian interest and also to investigate offences related to human trafficking, counterfeit currency, manufacture and sale of prohibited arms, cyber terrorism, under explosive substance act of 1908.

National Investigation agency by amendment with respect to judgement given by designated special court with respect to scheduled offences, the judgement can be appealed at the level of high court.

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