Medical Termination of Pregnancy act

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cabinet approves an amendment bill to be introduced in the loksabha. so to amend few provisions of 1971 act.

the amendment was introduced and passed successfully on 17th march 2020.

termination of pregnancy as per this act is based on opinion of registered medical practitioners.

the length of pregnancy with respect to number of registered medical practitioners who has to give opinion that continuous of pregnancy invoke risk to the life of pregnant women or it will constitute grave injury to the physical health of pregnant women or it also include grave injury to mental health of pregnant women.

there is a…….

the act categorically mentions that the growth cost by unwanted pregnancy may pressure to constitute a grave injury to the mental health of the pregnant women.

if women became pregnant due to failure in contraception then a grave injury to the mental health.

now for a single medical practitioner to give opinion to terminate pregnancy then the length of pregnancy should not be more than 12 weeks.

this number now proposed to be 20 weeks.

If the pregnancy is between 12 to 21, pregnancy can be terminated based on atleast 2 medical practitioners.

amendment increase to more than 20 weeks but not more than 24 weeks and to terminate pregnancy of women who has not attained the age of 18 years or termination of pregnancy of mentally ill person, consent of pregnant women is required.

In case the length of pregnancy and the opinion of at least two registered medical practitioner can be waved, these conditions will not apply to termination of pregnancy by registered medical practitioner if it was carried out for immediate necessity to save the life of pregnant women.

Along with this provision in the principle act the amendment propose to add one more provision to relax the condition of an length of pregnancy.

It state that the length of pregnancy shall not apply to termination of pregnancy if such termination necessitated by diagnosis of any substantial or any feutal abnormalities diagnosed by medical board constituted by appropriate state and union territory.

even this medial board is also proposal made in the amendment, it is not in the principal act.

and this medical board shall have gayanaclogist, radialogist or sonologist necessary.

in addition to these fact the amendment bill also protect the privacy of women who has undergone pregnancy termination. It state that registered medical practitioner should not revel the name and the name particulars of the women to any person not authorized by law.

Medical termination is allowed under normal circumstances if the maximum length of pregnancy is not more than 20 weeks.

this act does not deal with prohibition of sex selection.

sex selection and regulation of use of prenatal diagnostic techniques, these are covered exclusively in presumption and prenatal diagnostic techniques, prohibition of sex selection act of 1994.

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