Makran Subduction Zone

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Zone was in news as scientist at indian national center for oceanic information services (INCOIS).

They started that tsunami off the coast of Iran and Pakistan could reach Indian shores and one of the two potential source region of earthquake that may trigger tsunami.

these two regions are:

  1. Makran subduction zone
  2. Andaman and Nicobar or Indonesia subduction zone.

INCOIS has conducted a meeting of experts on probabilistic tsunami hazards assessment for the makran region also called as ESSO-INCOIS.


the tsunami in Indian ocean region let to 2,00,000 deaths in several countries bordering the Indian ocean region.

subduction means two plates are meeting at a point where convergence is taking place, one plate goes below the other plate.

Denser plate is always subducted below the lighter plate.

Here Eurasian plate is major plate and Arabian plate is minor plate, so Eurasian plate being denser than arabien plate, it is subducted below the Arabian plate.

Indonesian subduction zone

Indo-Australian plate is subducting down below eurasian plate.

this region is also known for high magnitude earthquakes which can trigger killer tsunami waves.

andaman and nicobar subduction zone is also called as indonesia subduction zone.

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