Island Development Agency

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Island Development Agency is a domestic initiative of government of india. Ministry of home affairs has the chairmanship of agency.

Niti Aayoge says india has 1382 offshore identified islands. to monitor the development of these islands a development agency was needed so sustainable development can be carried out in these islands with the participation of local communities.

for this IDA was set up in june 2017.


  • to oversee comprehensive development of the islands

this agency held it’s 5th meeting in new Delhi on January 2020. In that meeting the holistic development of island program was reviewed.

this agency has mandated with aayoge to led the holistic development of island program. In the oversight of this agency, development plans for islands are prepared they are being implemented in phases.

Agency mainly focuses on job creation for islanders mainly through 2 ways:

  1. tourism promotion
  2. export of sea food and coconut based product.

as of now these plans are currently being implanted in four islands of Andaman and Nicobar and three islands of lakshadweep.

in second phase:

suitable sites in tolemore island of Andaman and Nicobar and 5 more islands in lakshadweep will be covered.

IDA also involved in strong things infrastructure support, if identified islands this is done by executing projects for improving air connectivity, sea connectivity and also digital connectivity, these there is a proposal to construct airport in great Nicobar island.

In minicoy islands of lakshadweep catalyse development precises in the region and in front of digital connectivity it is reported that port blast and another 7 islands in Andaman and Nicobar they will be digitally connected through submarine optic fighter cable by June 2020.

UNESCO world heritage program for small island developing states:

this program was started in 2005. Small island developing state are spread across Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean sea, south china sea. this countries were given special recognition in un conferences on environment and development in Rio 1992.

particularly in agenda 21 document, chapter SIDS small island developing state.

these countries faces challenges like growing pollution, limited resource, climate change, sea level rise, extreme event. SIDS with respect to 2014, un general assemble declared year 2014 as a year of SIDS.

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