Green Credit Scheme

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It is proposed scheme.

if you see the existing system i.e based on the provisions of forest conservation act of 1980 and forest conservation rules 2003.

a user agency that aims to divert a forest land for non-forest use ha to full fill three main criteria.

(these are criteria to aquire and divert a forest land to non-forestry purpose like mining)

1. the user agency has to pay present value of forest land i.e to be acquired for diversion.

2. user agency has to perchase an equal non forest land, i.e contagious to forest land and the agency has to handover this non-forest land to the government or state forest department.

3. the user agent has to pay the cost of compensating afforestation which is to be executed by the state forest department in non-forest land given by the user agency And in this existing method of compensatory Afforestation few challenges were faced one of them is the user agency felt extremely difficult to acquire a non-forest (and contiguous to forest land) i.e bordering with forest land.

the state forest department with there existing work pressure and workload they were found to be inefficient in the function of compensatory afforestation.

so as a solution to these challenges a green credit scheme has been proposed.

under this scheme a green area or a forest like environment or plantation id developed by private agency or even a village community.

now the user agency who wants forest area for diversion to non-forest area purpose has to purchase certified green area and forward it to the state government or department.

the ecosystem services of the certified green area will be almost equal to the ecosystem services of the forest land the acquired for diversion.

these scheme is expected to make compensatory afforestation much easier task.

Forest Advisory committee

is a statutory body under section 3 of forest conservation act of 1980.

Ministry of environment, forest and climate change.


the green credit refers to amount paid by the user agency purchasing the a certified land for compensatory afforestation.

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