Future Skills PRIME Initiative

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Future Skills is a initiative of national association of software and service companies (NASSCOM) in collaboration with minister of electronic and information technology. of government of india.

objective: is to reskill the IT industry workforce in areas of emerging technology and emerging job role. In other words technologies and job roles of future.

NASSCOM and ministry of electronic and information technology have worked together to reskill more than 2 lakh IT employee by using this future Skills platform.

It is digital leading platform and offer reskilling of people in 10 emerging technology and roles.

In December 2019 future Skills initiative was extended to future Skills PRIME.

In this expanded program PRIME, here the goal is to train 4 lakh professional in next 3 years and for this purpose government of india has announced investing 436 crore on this initiative over period of three years.

PRIME: program for reskilling of IT manpower for employability.

NASSCOM initiative is one of the largest government les digital skilling initiative in the world. individual has opportunity to get 12,000 rupees as incentive from government of india.

they also get skills passport were competence can be shown.

common objective of both is to showcase india as a global hub for talent and development and also globally recognised.

these program also aim to build up a future ready workforce and also to accelerate the technology sector in achieving skilling target for the country.

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