Eighth Schedule Languages for UPSC

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A 351 : states that it shall be duty of union to promote the spread of hindi language. so hindi may serve as a medium of expression for elements of composite culture of india it state that hindu needs to be enriched.


by addressing certain forms style in the expression that are use in hindustan and in another language of india that are specified into eight Schedule to enrich hindi use the language specified in 8 schedule.

A 351 is to promote use of hindi and it’s enrichment, however in 1968 a resolution was adopted in parliament called as the official language resolution of 1965 as per this resolution, in the interest of educational advancement and cultural advancement of the country.

the government of india should make necessary measures for the comprehensive full development of languages mentioned in eight Schedule as per this resolution all the languages included in 8th schedule and english shall be permitted as alternative medium for all india and higher central services examinations.

however after ascertaining the vir of UPSC and the future scheme of examination and the procedural aspect and timing.

there are 22 languages are mentioned in 8th schedule

in 2017, there ministry of home affairs reported that there are demand for including 38 more languages in the 8th schedule.

one such language is tulu. In india more number of people speak tulu than sanskrit and manipuri. but it is still not included in 8th schedule.

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