Ecological Flow in river Ganga

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In October 2016 an order was notified in government gazette, this order is called as river ganga rejuvenation, promotion and management authorities order of 2016.

this order constituted an authority called as National Mission for Clean Ganga for rejuvenation, protection and management of river ganga basin.

one of duties of this authorities is to determine the ecological Flow in river ganga and it’s tributaries.

And these ecological flows and environment flows or eflows they are required to be maintained at different part and different areas all times.

the aim of ensuring water quality, environment sustainability, rejuvenation and protection and management of river ganga and it’s tributaries.

So therefore in October 2018, National mission for Clean Ganga published order in there official gazette.

this order proscribed minimum environmental flows that have to be maintained in river ganga and it’s tributaries into two stretches.

  1. Upper ganga river basin stretch.
  2. Main stream of river ganga.

upper ganga starts from originating glaciers and through respective confluences and finally meeting at Devprayag at haridwar.

Main stream start at haridwar uttarakhand and end at unnao in utter pradesh.

minimum flows are proscribed for these stretches for throughout the year. that is for all months and these are minimum environmental flows that should be maintained at locations downstream of various structures projects that divert river follows.

they might be diverting water for various requirements such as irrigation, hydropower, industrial other requirement but with the minimum flows requirement they have to allow a certain proposition of water always.

In same context important development has taken place. In principle order published in October 2018.

Earlier this order give relaxation to project, that could not meet the norms of current environmental flows.

These type of project given three years period (up to 2021) from the date of issue of order to comply with the minimum requirement of eflows prescribed in order.

In the year 2019 this relaxation given in the principle order was amended, the amendment order mention that existing projects that do not currently meet the norms of the environmental flows.

they shall comply it to the environmental flow norms before December of 2019.

So the provisions is not available.

if the mini and micro projects which do not alter the flow characteristic of the river or streams significantly are exempted from the environmental flows.

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