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nosocomial transmission refers to hospital acquired infections or transmission of diseases in hospitals. We can see such transmission amoung doctors, health workers, nurses.

it deals with contracting communication diseases from the hospitals.

to avoid such kind of transmission personal protective equipment is mandated for the health care workers and other workers who are available in hospitals.

covid 19 spread both directly and indirectly.

directly refers to having direct contact with respiratory droplet of an infected individual where virus is present. So an initiative has been taken called as GISAID.

GISAID was in news in January 2020 as china submitted genome sequence data of SARS-COV-2 to this GISAID platform.

here GISAID stand for global initiative on sharing all influenza data platform it was launched on may 2008 initially supported by USA government. however since 2010 Germany has been became the host of these platform.

for the promotion it maintains the the database called Epiflu database


objective is to help researcher understand how these viruses evolve, spread and potentially became pandemic.

speciality of platform:

it gives deu recognition to owner of dara that was uploaded to platform. and it also gives deu recognition to in intellectual property rights of the owner of the periocular medial data that was shared on platform.

this GISAID was response to some of the earlier available public domain archives that were used to trasfer dich medial information.

SARS outbreak of 2013 was much leass infectious then covid 19 but more deadly than covid 19.

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