Citizenship Amendment Act 2019

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This amendment act was passed in parliament to amend the citizenship Amendment act 1955. The act got Presidential consent on 12 December 2019 and became the act.

Act deals with two sets of individuals:

  1. persons come to india from Afghanistan, pakistan, Bangladesh and belongs to six religion.
  2. Overseas Citizen of India.

For persons belonging to six religions and who have came from pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, first they shall be treated as legal migrants. This is because as per section 6 (1) of citizenship act 1955, there is one criteria for application to acquire indian citizenship by naturalization. That is, at the time of application the person should not be a illegal migrant.

For overseas Citizen of india OCI card holders it inserted a provision for cancelling there OCI registration, it said central government may by order cancel the registration of OCI card holders if card holder violated any of provisions of citizenship act 1955 or any other law specified by central government.

this act also inserted section 6(B) into principle act of 1955. this section deals with set of individual who came to india from these three countries, but this section are not applicable to tribal area of assam, Meghalaya, mizoram, Tripura as included in sixth schedule of the Constitution.

and nit applicable to the area of Inner Line Permit notified under bengal Eastern frontier regulation 1873.

The act also relaxed qualification of aggregate period of residence for the persons who have came from these three countries so as to acquire citizenship through naturalization.

for these persons aggregate period if residence required is not less than 5 years.

while the qualification for general for other is not less than 11 years, therefore This amendment act fastrack citizenship acquiring process for the persons belonging to six religions from pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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