Blue Flag Certification

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Ministry of environment, forest and climate change released a order. this order relaxed some restriction which were earlier placed on coastal regulation zone (CRZ) for the purpose of blue flag certification.

blue flag certification is a internationally recognized eco label awarded by foundation for environmental education (FEE) a international nongovernmental organisation.

this certification is awarded to beaches, Marines and sustainable boating tourism operators.

headquarters: koperhengan Denmark

speciality of this certification:

if beaches earn these certification, it means that those beaches are environment friendly, less pollution is there, and safe for tourist.

this NGO has discribed 33 stringent criteria under 4 areas.

  1. environmental education and formation
  2. bathing water quality
  3. environment management and conservation and
  4. safety and service

Spain top the this for blue flag certification. No indian beach has been awarded this certification.

however government of india identified 13 beaches with consultation with state and union territory government. After consultation, it was realised that to develop infrastructure specific to earn blue flag certification in india some rules were relaxed in CRZs.

only for identified beaches a set of activities can be developed in coastal regulation zones and for these set of activities prior clearances is not required under the provisions of CRZ notification or island coastal zone notification.

however keeping minimum of 10 meter distance from high tide line is required.

it is not permanent certification they are aware only for one season for next season they are required to be renewed, by constantly living upto the standards specified by the organization.

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