Blue Dot Network UPSC

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It is an initiative of three countries united states, japan, Australia. they are India’s quad group members.

launched on November 2019 at Indo-pacific business forum bangcock.

Certified projects can be understood as sustainable not exploitative by people.

use of “sustainable and not exploitative” is kind of directed at belt and road initiative of china as belt and road initiative suffered from various criticism related to lack of transparency, the burden of repaying of debt by various countries and violating environment standards.

these network is believed to be a counter mechanism to belt and road initiative.

this initiative aligns with G20 principle for quality infrastructure investment particularly on governance environment standards and transparency and there their network aims to intive not only government but also private sector and other organisation to align with the high quality global infrastructure development standards.

India is not member to this group, recent visit of prime minister of united states of america to India was a event in which India was invited to join the network, but the decision has not been taken yet.

India also not member of belt and road initiative of china, though India was officially invited by china. India rejected the initiative because the project sea pack corridor passes through india’s territory i.e Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

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