Bhima Koregaon Battle UPSC

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Maratha kingdom was founded by chatrapati shivaji maharaj in 17th century , raigarrh as its capital

shivaji was contemporary of mughal rular auragzebh. because of there able administration shivaji and successor of maratha kindom, they were able to expand there territory the peshwa were also known as minister they ruled expanded territory which were called as maratha confederacy with local cheifs.

by the end of 1760 maratha kingdom emerged as strong kingdom with puna as it capitals.

In 1761 3rd battle of panipath took place. maratha suffered a dead blow by Afghanistan invaders mohammad shah abdali.

from this points historians say that the kingdom never recovered to there fall potential and hopes of maratha empire to became and all India empire was shaken.

three anglo-maratha wars are fraught between maratha and EIC.

because growing interference of british in the interference of maratha Confederacy and the greed of British to expand there territory in india and also to check marathas power.

first war come to end: treaty of saibai in 1782 no clear victory to any one.

second maratha lose majority territory to British, beacuse of this british were able to get orissa and territory above north yamuna river.

third war company win the war and peshwa was removed.

bhima koregao battle was faought on 1 january 1818, forces of peshwa and british EIC faught in this village on the branch of bhima river.

british were having dalit solders, where as the peshwa army was of other cast known for inflecting hardship on persons belonging to dalit community

this battle was part of 3rd anglo-maratha war.

Dalit dominated British troops defeated the Peshwa army and commemorate the victory. a victory pillar at Koregaon called as ranstambh was built in Bhima Koregaon. this ranstambh was built primarily not commemorate the victory of British but to commemorate a victory against injustices purpechuated by dominant cast and year 2018 recently marked the 200th anniversary of this battle at Bhima Koregaon.

B R ambed kar was born in 14 april 1891 at mahu in utterpradesh.

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