Asiatic Cheetah

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they were in news, because they has been a debate going on in the country that asiatic cheetah which is extinct in India should be reintroduced.

100 years ago there were 1,00,000 cheetah in the world, but today drop to 7000. and most of them are in Africa and some in Iran.

because of hunting activity in colonial period and also because of habitat reduction.

In India has became extinct in 1952.

PIB say we could not spot cheetah after 1957. In 2010 report of MoEF&CC state that cheetah is the only mammal which has became extinct in india.

in recent decades government and conservationist was trying to either trans-locate cheetah from Iran to India.

Initially we asked Iran to trans-locate a live pair of cheetah as Iran holds the natural habitat of Asiatic cheetah.

But in return Iran asked the pair of Asiatic Lion.

however the plan to re introduce Asiatic cheetah in India from Iran was put on hold because lack of consensuses in giving Asiatic lion to Iran.

In recent year government of India planing to introduce African cheetah into India.

It is non native species to India only Asiatic was existing.

In January this year supreme court has allowed the central government to reintroduce south African cheetah from Namebia to suitable habitat in country.

Wildlife institute of India have selected three locations.

Supreme court allowed to introduce into kunnu palpur wildlife century or any part of india after detailed study.

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