Alternative Dispute Resolution UPSC

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It files litigations in courts in the area of electoral and political reform.


program if election commission of india. it is a systematic voters education and electoral participation program.

it is a flagship program of election commission of india for voter education to spread awareness amoung voters and to pramote voter literacy in india, it was launched in 2009 since then they have been working to prepare indian voters and equip them with basic knowledge related to electoral progress.


is to build truly participative democracy in india by encouraging all eligible citizens to vote and to make an informed decision during elections.

the international institute of democracy and election management:

is a advance training and resourcing of election commission of india.

this institute was established in june 2011.

it conducts various capacity enhancement program and other training programs for directorships officers and other administrative officers from various countries.

National election waten NEW:

there are 2 taks of this Body

  1. to collect data from affidavits filled by contesting candidates and then to correlate or analyse there information so that the voters will be able to understand in easy manner, so as to make informed decisions.
  2. this information about various candidate will be circulated through media and other channels.

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