Day: May 5, 2020

MSME Samadhaan UPSC

for a understanding that by facilitating quick settlement of disputes, ensuring peace to micro and small enterprise. MSME development act 2006 it has provision of deplaced payment to micro and small enterprises. the state government are empowered to establish a council called as MSME facilataion council. Purpose of this council is to settle dispute on …

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Green Protocol

It became part suchitwa mission which is technical technical support group in west management sector in government of kerala. some of the features of these protocol for example mitigation quality of waste. grinding of waste at the source of generation use of recyclable material to the extent possible, optimizing the use of reusable materials, examining …

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Green Bond

Money raised is used for environment purpose. european green deal is a road map, committed by european union so as to make there economy of european union sustainable. and these green deal prapose to make the european union climate neutral by the year 2050. climate neutral: it refers that by 2050, there should be zero …

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